Ever since Ford revealed the Fusion hybrid at the LA Auto Show, the discussion has been hot and heavy among fans of the Prius. While Ford has proclaimed the Fusion as the most fuel efficient mid-size "sedan," Prius fanboys reiterate that the Toyota is classed as a mid-size car based on interior volume. While that is certainly true, based on body styles the Camry is truly the Fusion's natural competitor. Over at USA Today, auto critic Jim Healey has had an opportunity to spend some time with the new Ford and has made his call. Somehow, Healey managed to get 27.2 mpg over a week in the Fusion although he did top 40 mpg on a couple of trips. In spite of missing out on the Fusion's EPA numbers he still chooses the Fusion for the same reasons that I am partial to the Ford. Namely, the Ford is much more pleasurable to drive. Granted, we haven't yet tried the 2010 Prius, but while the current model is clearly efficient, the dynamics leave a lot to be desired. In the coming weeks, we've got the Fusion's sibling the Mercury Milan hybrid coming in for a full week and drives of the new Prius are coming as well.


[Source: USA Today]

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