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It's been awhile since the sleek all-electric Lightning GT was unveiled at the British International Motor Show amidst much fanfare last July, but since then, it seems like the Lightning Car Company has been awfully quiet. Maybe too quiet. Considering that their intended motor supplier, PML Flightlink, has gone into administration (read Chapter 11), one might expect that they would be out there battling the murmur of rumors with their own buzz-making appearances and announcements. Maybe they're just aren't those kinds of blokes or perhaps they've just been too busy "getting on with it" to worry about media speculation. Whatever the reason for their silence, we are now able to report that it has been broken.

With 400 "expressions of interest" and 20 "indicative orders," the company still expects to begin building cars next year. It believes it can achieve annual sales of 500 once they reach full production. To that end, it is putting together financing and is raising £2m through St Helen's Capital, as part of a £20m effort. That company's CEO, Ruari McGirr, sees promise in the start up and says, "Lightning epitomises the enduring ability of British engineering to innovate and adapt in the face of new technology and the changing needs of consumers." Confidence indeed, but can they buy up PML or find a new motor supplier? That question needs an answer.

[Source: Financial Times]

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