There's been much conjecture these last few months over whether or not sales of big, thirsty vehicles would pick back up after hitting the brick wall of high fuel prices last summer. Despite a modest uptick in pickup truck sales, the answer has mostly been no, but we won't know for sure how things will rebound until the economy picks back up and credit is once again available to more people to purchase new vehicles. At least one recent study indicates that fuel economy is still a top concern for new car shoppers.

According to the Consumer Federation of America, over three-quarters of those surveyed say that they are concerned about high gas prices and America's dependence on foreign oil. Fifty-five percent of respondents are also concerned about global warming. These numbers are not dramatically lower than those recorded from a similar survey conducted last April.

One more interesting point about the survey: The average new car shopper expects that their next vehicle will get about 30 miles per gallon, which they say is 5 mpg better than they get with their current vehicle. For a more detailed look at the findings, click here (.pdf link).

[Source: CFA (.pdf link) via TTAC]

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