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Mugen is a name long associated with Honda Motor Co. as a specialist in tuning cars from that brand. Mugen's latest effort is targeted at the new Insight hybrid. Unlike their usual programs that include all manner of mechanical upgrades, this one seem targeted primarily at visual changes. There isn't a lot of detail, at least not in English, but the kit seems to consist of items like a new "sport" grille, air dam, side skirts, rear diffuser and, of course, the requisite over-size wing. Based on the Japanese site, it appears that Mugen may be claiming their kit reduces the Insight's lift to zero but we can't confirm that. The Insight already has very good handling dynamics and modding the powertrain seems like it would be counter to the Insight's raison d'être. So far, we don't know if any importers will be offering up these parts in the U.S.

[Source: Mugen]

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