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Just because Mitsubishi is pulling out of Dakar and throttling back on its motorsports campaigns doesn't mean the automaker is going to limit the development and sales of its performance models. The Ralliart Sportback is on its way to the States, the Evolution X FQ400 is due to arrive at UK dealerships later this year and in addition to the Colt Ralliart Version R, Mitsubishi is planning another version of the hot hatch for our friends abroad.

The Colt Ralliart TWR Walkinshaw edition, which gets its name from touring car legend Tom Walkinshaw, will come equipped with a new suspension, lowered ride height and more aggressive body kit. The 147 hp, 1.5-liter engine will carry over, along with the close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox and pricing is expected to be set £2,000 over the stock £12,049 Colt Ralliart. Sales should begin sometime this April.

[Source: EVO]

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