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Tired of waiting for a major automaker to offer an electric vehicle? We feel your pain. In the meantime, there are quite a few outlets that would be happy to build one for you using an existing vehicle as a platform to start with. Such is the case with this 1984 Honda Civic wagon. The car has been completely restored and it appears exactly as you'd expect a model of its vintage to look, on the outside at least. A quick glance under the hood, though, will reveal that it's got no engine. Instead of a gasoline-burning four cylinder powerplant, this Civic has been converted to electric drive using a 6.7" electric motor from Advanced DC, an 800 amp controller and 12 Energizer GC8 8-volt lead acid batteries.

According to the team that performed the conversion, this electrified Civic can safely travel over 40 miles under decent conditions. The transmission is still hooked up, though it's not really necessary to use all the gears. Judging from the images, everything looks like it's been done extremely well, and it's nice to see small shops like this jumping into the EV game.

[Source: eBay]

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