Anyone that's ever driven a Ford Crown Victoria in four inches of snow will tell you that the generations-old police interceptor doesn't exactly grip when sitting atop the white stuff. That can leave police just as stranded as the motorists they're out to need help. Coast Pontiac GMC in Portsmouth, New Hampshire provides the solution to the local fuzz's problem by loaning out SUVs during big storms. The generous dealer has been providing this public service for over 18 years, and we're not talking used junkers with 4WD. Everything from an AWD Buick Enclave to a Cadillac Escalade have been loaned during snow storms. The officer driving the loaded 'Sclade reportedly didn't want to give the plush ride back. We get that feeling all the time.

What does Coast Pontiac GMC get for its generosity? A public relations victory for sure, but every storm also works as a rolling advertisement for Coast Pontiac GMC's SUVs and crossovers. Who knows, dealership management may get out of a ticket or two as well.

[Source: Sea Coast Online]

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