Tesla one-make racing series: Nothing factory-backed, for now

If Jeremy Clarkson's review of the Tesla Roadster proved anything, it's that the electric sportscar can keep a good pace around a race track. While the Roadsters' acceleration leaves little to be desired, its limited range and propensity to overheat when kept near its limit for long periods of time, along with handling that can't quite keep up with its kissing cousins from Lotus, all make for an interesting conundrum when the subject turns to competitive racing.

Rumors have surfaced that a single-make racing series for the Roadster is being discussed in the Middle East and our colleagues at AutoblogGreen contacted Tesla communications manager Rachel Konrad for a comment:

" I can confirm we've seen increased demand in the Middle East in recent months, and some customers there have said that they may race their Roadsters. The Roadster's acceleration certainly makes it competitive against other premium sports cars, so it's not surprising that some customers are interested in competitions. However, Tesla itself has no plans to officially sponsor or endorse a racing series, and the company remains focused on ramping up production and delivering cars to about 1,000 customers who have not yet taken delivery."

In other words, a Tesla-specific racing series is a possibility, but it would not be officially backed by the factory. Regardless, it sure sounds like good clean fun.

[Sources: Lotus Enthusiast and Tesla Motors via AutoblogGreen]

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