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Remember back in September when we told you that Chrysler's GEM division was going to change up its name (but keep the acronym) and be called GreenEcoMobility as it moved forward with the addition of the Peapod to its lineup. Well, scratch all that. Sometime between now and then there was a script rewrite. The new plan keeps GEM the same and creates a new wholly-owned-by-Chrysler company that will market the Peapod and its upcoming offspring under the name Peapod Mobility. We know they're serious this time because they sprung for a shiny new website.

So now that the smiley-faced neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) is out on its own in the big world, will it find the love it needs to survive or will it shuffle off this mortal coil before having the chance to fulfill its aspirations. It has dreams of proliferating and adding a two seater, called the Twinpod, as well as a mini-pickup and van to the range in a little over a year. One day, it even wants its own "real cars." To make that happen, it's going to have to find a place in the heart of those in need of a cute (or evil, depending on your point of view) iPod-centered car that can only travel 30 miles, tops out at 25 mph and costs $12,500. The sales period between the official Earth Day launch and the Labor Day delivery target will be telling.

[Source: ADWEEK]

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