Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM seems to have beaten Formula 1 teams to the hybrid punch. Last year, at the 125 Grand Prix race in Valencia, Spain, KTM rider Tommy Koyama's race bike was fitted with a kinetic energy recovery system, better known as KERS. Apparently, KERS only added about 3 horsepower to the small displacement machine's peak, but we'd need to see a real dyno graph to know its true performance enhancing (or robbing) capabilities. Koyoma finished the race in seventh position, well back from the winning Aprilia that did not feature any hybrid drivetrain components.

Formula 1 teams are currently grappling with the KERS hybrid systems and many have yet to decide whether or not to use the technology at the start of the season. There are currently two types of KERS systems under development, one based on a flywheel and another, like the system used by KTM, that uses batteries or capacitors to store the captured energy.

[Source: Faster and Faster]

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