One of General Motors' HydroGen4 (aka fuel cell Equinox) vehicles is now prowling the streets in Berlin and Brandenberg, Germany offering up roadside assistance. The German auto club ADAC is operating one of the fuel cell-powered crossovers as part of GM's Project Driveway. Just as AAA crews do here in the U.S., ADAC (the "Yellow Angels") come to the rescue of motorists with flat tires, empty fuel tanks or otherwise inoperative vehicles. This will be a particularly demanding assignment for the fuel cell vehicle since it will be operating most of the day, every day. Unlike most of the other Equinoxes being driven by ordinary people in daily use, the ADAC car is equipped with telemetry equipment to transmit data back to the Opel engineers overseeing the European segment of the program. Following ADAC, several other corporate partners are also getting these vehicles for testing.


[Source: General Motors]

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