Click above for a high res gallery of Powell's Fisker visit

There was a bit of a hub-bub around the Fisker Automotive booth yesterday afternoon thanks to the surprise appearance of one Colin Powell. The former four-star general, Secretary of State and WMD fearmonger spent a lot of time with both the Karma and the Karma S, getting a lot of one-on-one time learning about the vehicles from Henrik Fisker. A lot of well-known government officials visit the Washington Auto Show, but the Fisker booth model I talked with was geeked as anything about Powell's appearance, asking me to send her the photos I was taking of the visit, even thought there were dozens of people snapping away with their own cameras. Even Powell pulled out his own camera to take his own pictures of the cars.

The best part: Powell wore a name tag, just like the rest of us.

UPDATE: Ah, now it all makes sense.

Our travel and lodging for this media event was provided by the Auto Alliance.

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