There is almost always a benefit to conserving fuel while racing, whether it means saving on pit stops or being able to stay on the gas longer in the last lap, but the ongoing Prius Cup series in Japan takes the practice of conservation in racing to a whole new level. The event was first organized back in 2007 and is designed to help train dealership staff how to work on the car. Now that there's a new model on the way for 2010, the event is once again pickup up some steam.

Unlike most racing series, the goal of the Prius Cup isn't to turn in fast lap times. Instead, the cars circle the track in agonizing fashion as they try and use as little fuel as possible. Once in the pits, though, the action picks up considerably as the teams compete to get their hybrids back on the track in as little time as possible. Sounds exciting! Well, not really, but we don't know of many other racing events where the winner scores nearly 70 mpg over the 20-lap event.

[Source: AutoWeek via Auto Fiends | Photo: Hans Greimel]

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