One of two American's on the final podium, Robby Gordon finished third in this year's Dakar Rally. Driving a HUMMER H3, he took the bottom step behind South African Giniel De Villiers and American Mark Miller, both of whom were driving VW's diesel Race Touareg2 and ended Mitsubishi's vise-like grip on the rostrum. In fact, if Carlos Sainz hadn't crashed, the Touaregs would have taken all three top spots.

Team Gordon was driving HUMMER H3s, and Robby's third place was joined by teammate Eric Vigoroux's 13th place. For 2010, the team is going to add a third H3 driven by former F1 and IndyCar driver Eliseo Salazar. The 55-year-old Salazar might seem like an unlikely choice, but he is Chilean, and he currently pilots a Mitsubishi in the Chilean Rally Championship. Should the Dakar return to South America next year, he should make a decent addition to the team. Team Gordon just might want to stock up on HUMMER parts before then...

[Source: Team Gordon]

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