Go to see a live show, and you may walk out with a t-shirt or a CD. But a new car? Much less a six-figure supercar? Amazingly, that's the effect Top Gear Live is evidently having on its audience. The stage version of the popular BBC television program combines the best of conventional car shows with Knievel-esque stunts to create a spectacle of unparalleled popularity.
Part of the show – presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and of course, The Stig – is a demonstration of top supercars, which manufacturers gladly supply to the show's producers despite the potential for damage all because of one simple phenomenon: on their way out, wealthy show-goers have been known to pony up for the exotic machinery they'd just seen perform on stage. That's world-class impulse buying.

The show is going on its first world tour, hitting London and Birmingham before sailing off to Dublin, Johannesburg, Sydney, Auckland and Hong Kong. Unfortunately the tour doesn't include this side of the Atlantic (or Pacific, for that matter), so you might just have to buy your next supercar the old-fashion way.

[Source: WA Today]

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