This is one of those stories that, when you first read the headline, you think, "This will be all over the internet in a matter of minutes." The details are as follows: A Lexus hybrid belonging to the chairman of the Arkansas Medical Board, Dr. Trent Pierce, exploded this morning outside his home. CNN says he is currently in "extremely critical condition" at a local hospital. Early reports from local media said that, "it could have been a malfunction with the hybrid Lexus SUV" and police did not initially suspect any foul play. Another person was also injured. FOX has since learned that the ATF is investigating and that an "explosive device" was found in the car. The FBI is also involved.
Toyota has told AutoblogGreen that, "At this time we have received no information on the details of the onsite investigation."

UPDATE: Toyota just sent out the following statement: "We are extremely concerned to hear about Dr. Pierce and are looking into the situation. There have been conflicting reports from officials on the scene and it is too early to speculate on the cause. We will cooperate completely with officials in any investigation. We are not aware of any such incident in which it was determined that Lexus hybrid vehicle components were the cause."

[Source: CNN, FOX]

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