Click above for high-res gallery of McLaren P11 spy shots

We brought you similar spy shots of the McLaren P11 supercar undergoing cold weather testing a few days ago, but now we have our own high-res shots to share. Though the clean sheet redesign of McLaren's Ferrari fighter is obscured by camo and cladding, the basic shape and some design elements are clearly visible. You can browse the high-res gallery below yourself and pick out what cues the P11 may be borrowing from other supercars. The car's designer, Frank Stephenson, is also rumored to be baking roadster and racing variants into the car's new design. Another thing that the P11 will borrow is its engine, which is rumored to be a version of the 6.2L V8 used by Mercedes-Benz in its high performance AMG cars. Power is expected to be in the 550-600 range, with the car's overall curb weight rumored to be less than 3,000 lbs. McLaren is nearing the end of its commitment with Mercedes for the McLaren SLR, a car that is most assuredly fast but still not allowed in the super car club. The P11 will be more like a spiritual successor to the famous F1 that still reigns as one of the greatest super cars of all time. Whether or not the P11 can fill those shoes remains to be seen, but based on these spy shots, it will most definitely look the part.

[Source: KGP Photography]

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