Once again, the internetz are abuzz with rumors and speculation concerning EEStor. This time the hubbub concerns the exact nature of their relationship with General Motors. If you're the last person on the planet who hasn't heard of them, EEStor is a company headquartered in Austin, Texas that claims to have the Holy Grail technology of the electric car industry. Namely, an ultracapacitor that can hold lots more energy than a lithium battery, doesn't degrade over time and will be relatively inexpensive to manufacture. Since they haven't shown the world any sort of tangible proof of this black box, skepticism abounds.

The latest round of excited whispers involves a conversation held between GM's advanced battery boss, Denise Gray, and GM-Volt.com blogger, Lyle Dennis, in which the association between EEStor and the automaker was discussed. Hank Green from EcoGeek happened to be standing nearby with a camera, happily, and captured the exchange on video, which we have for you after the break. The most provocative part of the brief exchange was Ms. Gray's reply to Lyle's query as to whether she had seen a working prototype. She replied, "... I probably shouldn't say if I've received parts or not, that's kind of confidential." While it may sound in print as though she might possibly know something, the video makes clear to us that it's more likely she doesn't. Hit the jump to watch it for yourselves.

[Source: GM-Volt.com / EcoGeek]

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