It's been widely reported over the last year that Scion is planning to add a fourth model to its lineup, but there's still considerable debate about what form it could take. According to Scion veep Jack Hollis, Toyota's entry-level automaker hasn't taken anything off the table, but believes "there are a lot of opportunities for a [second] coupe" to join the aging tC.

Unfortunately, Scion's been resting its laurels on its lone coupe for some time, and the current model will remain in production until the redesign arrives in 2011. That's an achingly long time in the automotive world, particularly considering the three- to four-year model cycle most automakers adhere to. And with rumors circulating that the Toyota/Subaru rear-wheel-drive coupe has been shelved, we're a bit skeptical that a performance model is still in the near-term cards.

So what's Scion considering? Hollis told Automotive News, "We think there is room for a bigger sedan and smaller vehicles. We think there is even the possibility for a truck-based vehicle with an open bed." The idea of bringing the Toyota iQ to the States has been floated before, as well as a production version of the Toyota A-Bat. If Scion really wanted to shake things up, it could produce a compact version of the Hako Coupe with an open bed (rendered poorly above) to kill two (or three) birds with one stone.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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