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Auto Telegraaf reports a tidbit on the coming Rolls-Royce 4 that would make the car something special indeed: it claims the car will cost €380,000. If true, that would make it the second priciest car in the Rolls-Royce line-up, with only the Phantom LWB a scant €20,000 ahead of it. Rolls-Royce CEO Tom Purves did say that the newest model would be "more expensive than any Bentley," but we don't think he meant that expensive.

The actual price will probably be around half of that, €190,000 in Europe, $250,000 or so in the U.S. In addition to coupe and convertible variants to follow its introduction, the car is slated to fit a wide range of powerplants for a Roller: BMW's V12 and turbocharged V8 are in the picture, and diesel and hybrid lumps are on the table. And soon we won't need to call it by its codename any more; the car is rumored to wear the Silver Ghost moniker.

[Source: Auto Telegraaf (translated) via Global Motors]

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