We were having more fun watching the commercials than the actual game up until the last quarter of last night's Super Bowl XLIII. It seemed all the big, extravagant car commercials were shown around kickoff and the first quarter, but we caught a few good ones throughout the game that shouldn't be missed. Like you, however, we had to break for the bathroom and turn away for more Turducken at times, and so inevitably missed a few car-related Super Bowl commercials. After the break we've assembled every car-related commercial shown during the game last night, so click through and make sure you've ingested them all along with whatever deep fried nonsense you ate. If you want to see ALL of the commercials that were broadcast during the game, visit Fanhouse for its 2009 Super Bowl Commercials page that hosts them all in order and organized by quarter.

Hyundai - Genesis Coupe V6

Audi - "Chase"

Toyota - Venza

Bridgestone - "Mr. Potato Head"

Fast and the Furious 4 trailer

Castrol Edge - "Grease Monkies"

Cars.com - "David Abernathy"

GoDaddy - Danica Patrick, "Shower"

Hyundai - "Angry Bosses"

Toyota - Tundra Heat

Bridgestone - "Moon Dancer"

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen trailer

Hyundai - Assurance

Go Daddy - Danica Patrick, "Hearing"

star trek

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