Not only does Norwegian electric car maker Th!nk still have a pulse, but it appears to be strengthening. After being raised from its deathbed, the company is now on the receiving end of new investment from a Swedish group of businesses including Gävle Energy, Fortum, Eon and Göteborg Energi as well as the Norwegian solar energy company, REC. Working with Power Circle, a public/private group that already has ties with Th!nk through its "Wind in the Tank" project (PDF), they plan on investing $20 million.

The Swedes hope that Th!nk will not only eventually buy various auto components from Swedish subcontractors, but also help them move their transportation system away from fossil fuels. Th!nk expects to deliver up to 1,000 cars
to their neighbors over the next two to three years as part of 12 demonstration projects. A couple of the vehicles are even said to be going to the Royal household. Love live the Th!nk! Hat tip to Luca!


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