Click above to view a high-res gallery of the Spring/Summer '09 McLaren footwear collection

You can tell McLaren is really serious about bridging the divide from racing team to exotic carmaker. They've hired Frank Stephenson, one of the most talented automotive designers of our generation, to head their design department. Ron Dennis has left the Formula One team to oversee the burgeoning road car department. And they've launched their own line of footwear.

Now hold on a second, stay with us...we're serious. (Okay, we're not serious, but stay with us anyway.) Experience has shown that if you want to be successful both as a racing team and as a manufacturer of the most coveted of exotic supercars, you're going to need the proper footwear. Ferrari has their own line of shoes made by Puma, which inherited the contract from Fila. Aston Martin has their own line too, made especially for them by Sabelt. And now McLaren's got a line of shoes of their own, produced by Spanish footwear company FashionVentures 21, which we initially reported on a few months ago at their launch. Styles range from the athletic to the elegant, and are available directly from the company's online shop. Starting at $200, they don't come cheap, but neither will McLaren's P11 supercar. and you're not about to heel-and-toe that with any old pair of Nikes on, now are you?

[Source: McLaren]

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