Some people like to keep their interests to themselves, while others wear their hearts on their sleeve. If you're a gearhead falling into the latter category, you'll probably get a kick out of these.
The cuff links are designed to look like cross-drilled brake discs, only in 18-karat rose gold. They're made by Bernard Richards Manufacture (B.R.M.), a highly-coveted French watch manufacturer that makes mechanical timepieces with movements inspired by racing engines and cases to match. BRM's cuff links should do a fine job of stopping your sleeves from coming undone, but at $2,050, try not to like them too much, because you could get your hands on a real set of Brembos for that kind of scratch. Check out BRM's website for a trick Le Mans flash animation and more info.

[Source: Berdorf Goodman via Luxurylaunches]

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