Late last year, we asked our readers if they would be willing to pay $25,000 for a Ford Fiesta that managed 63 U.S. miles per gallon in EU combined cycle testing. Survey says... Yes! The results from our very unscientific poll of admittedly green-minded readers suggests that 64% of those taking part would consider paying a relatively high cost for a high mileage vehicle. Remember, though, that this was right after the sting of record gas prices that greatly impacted the driving habits of millions of Americans.

Now, gas is cheap again, and Motor Trend is taking a slightly different tack with a similar question: Would you trade power for 63 miles per gallon? The target of the issue is once again the Ford Fiesta, which in ECOnetic form comes with a 1.6L TDCi turbodiesel under the hood cranking out 88 raging stallions. So, is it worth it? Answer in our new poll below.

[Sources: Motor Trend, Clean Green Cars]

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