Coming to you live, for one weekend only, it's the fabulous Sustainable Biodiesel Summit, which is about what you probably think it's about. This year's Sustainable Biodiesel Summit will blend the sustainability message with a local one. The official theme is, "Localize It! Celebrating Community Scale Biodiesel." Activists Annie Nelson and Darryl Hannah will be on hand to talk to producers and leaders in the biodiesel industry. Two years ago, the SBS was held in Texas; last year in Florida. As in previous years, the SBS is followed by the National Biodiesel Conference and Expo, put on by the National Biodiesel Board. One of these years, it'd be nice to be a part of these events, but we'll just need to rely on reports coming from SF over the weekend. Anyone attending?

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Backbone of the Green Economy Gets Greener in San Francisco
6th Annual Sustainable Biodiesel Summit
Moscone Center West * San Francisco * Jan. 31 & Feb 1

San Francisco, CA. As the country looks hopefully towards a renewably fueled future, the biodiesel industry gathers this weekend to hone its contribution.
Focusing on where the solutions are: This year's theme "Localize it!" delves into the environmental footprint of the fuel, and emphasizes the importance of appropriate size and scale while looking at big picture impacts. What are the practicalities of making biodiesel fuel a meaningful contributor to the future of sustainable transportation and liquid fuel needs? – The Sustainable Biodiesel Summit brings together biodiesel producers, industry leaders, policy makers, consumers and advocates including activists Annie Nelson and Darryl Hannah. They converge this weekend at San Francisco's Moscone Center to share best practices and to help give the industry direction.

The SBS is here to help the industry build on its sustainable roots.

Of Visual Interest:

Saturday 31 Jan.
9am Tour: Industry Leaders and Pioneers embark on tour of local San Francisco locations, including: BioFuel Oasis, Dog Patch Fuels, and the City of San Francisco's unique and cutting edge GreaseCycle program. Teacher with the Bus ( provides the transportation, Wesley Caddell of People's Fuel & Biofuel Recycling will guide the tour.
1:15pm KEYNOTE Richard Heinberg, Post Carbon Institute
Sunday 1 Feb.
8:40am KEYNOTE Dr.Mathis Wackernagel, Global Footprint Network

The Sustainable Biodiesel Summit conveniently precedes the 6th Annual National Biodiesel Conference and Expo ( The Sustainable Biodiesel Summit will begin Saturday, January 31st at noon (with a special tour of local distribution efforts January 31st at 9 AM), and conclude Sunday, February 1st. Both events are held in San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center.

Major Sponsors Include:
National Biodiesel Board (;
Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (;
Organic Valley ( & ClifBar (

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Additional information, speakers list & registration available at:

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