There were good and bad receptions to President Obama's move earlier this week to push the EPA to rethink the California waiver decision (details here). GM released a very short statement that said they were "ready to engage the Obama administration and the Congress" on this topic (read the whole thing after the jump). The Progressive Auto X Prize praised Obama's opening the door to California setting its own standards greenhouse-gas emissions.

So, with that little chapter all wrapped up (ha!), we move on to what comes next. The Senate is thinking about doubling down on the number of plug-in hybrid credits. One thing we didn't mention is the possibility that the President's stimulus proposal will increase the current $7,500 PHEV tax credit to $10,000. Sounds like something GM would be "ready to engage" with, no?

[Source: U.S News & World Report, GM, Auto X Prize]


GM Statement in Response to President Obama's Announcement Regarding the California Waiver Submission

GM is working aggressively on the products and the advance technologies that match the nation's and consumers' priorities to save energy and reduce emissions. We're ready to engage the Obama administration and the Congress on policies that support meaningful and workable solutions and targets that benefit consumers from coast to coast. We look forward to contributing to a comprehensive policy discussion that takes into account the development pace of new technologies, alternative fuels and market and economic factors.

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