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With all of the recent delays and stalled introductions of various eco-friendly automobiles that we've witnessed over the years, it's rather refreshing to see one that actually appears to be moving along quite nicely. We first heard about the Mindset electric car just under a year ago, and at that time, company founder Murat Günak, who previously worked for Volkswagen, suggested that he'd like to see full-scale models by the end of 2008 and running proof-of-concept vehicles in 2009. He succeeded in that first goal, and... whaddaya know, he managed to hit the second milestone as well. Hauke Schrieber from Germany's Auto Bild has actually gotten to drive a real live Mindset on public roads, and he seems pretty impressed.

Powertrain details include a 94-horsepower electric motor and a lithium ion battery pack that reportedly has enough capacity to run for over 100 miles after a six-hour charge. For longer trips, a gasoline-fed single cylinder engine can kick in to keep the fun rolling. Assuming adequate funding is secured, the company hopes to produce 10,000 of the little Karmann Ghia-esque electric vehicles in its first year of production, selling for about 50,000 euros each, which translates into about $65K at current exchange rates.

[Source: Auto Bild]

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