This fall, Volkswagen will be bringing the 6th generation of the Rabbit/Golf to the U.S. market and diesel will definitely be part of the lineup. Last September, at the first drive of the 2009 Jetta TDI VW of America spokesman Steve Keyes confirmed that a Rabbit TDI is coming in the second half of this year. Today, an anonymous tipster sent us a screen capture from a vehicle order form that seems to imply that a Rabbit GTD will also be available for 2010. The GTD is basically a diesel-powered GTI and it is available in some overseas markets. We contacted Keyes again for a comment, and he replied that "We're aware of other markets that have offered the GTI TDI (GTD) but we're planning to offer the GTI 2.0 TSI, Rabbit 2.5 and the Rabbit TDI." So, at least officially, Volkswagen is not admitting to a GTD. Could it happen? It's certainly possible but nothing is certain.

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