Click above for a larger image of Suzuki and Truckin' Magazine's Equator concept

At last year's Chicago Auto Show, Suzuki showed off three versions of its reworked Nissan Frontier pickup, the Equator. The three concepts were the RMZ-4, Quad and Quay, which represented trucks to haul a superbike, a quad and a boat, respectively. Since then, we've driven an Equator and heard that the production truck will sell for $17,995. Flash forward to the 2009 Chicago Auto Show and American Suzuki Motor Corp. is finally ready to introduce the "all-new" Equator with – wait for it – three concept trucks. This trio of trucks, however, have been customized by 4-Wheel & Off-Road, Off-Road and Truckin' magazines.

In the case of the Truckin' concept (shown above), an Equator has been lowered and fitted with a set of massive six-spoke alloys wrapped in rather serious-looking street rubber. So-equipped, it almost looks like this trucklet might canyon carve almost as well as the motorcycle in its bed. Well, perhaps that's stretching things a bit. The concept uses a massaged four-cylinder under the hood that probably couldn't come close to keeping up with that 999cc GSX-R sportbike in the bed. But it sure looks fun! We'll be sure to cover all three concepts along with everything else worth seeing when we get to the Windy City in about ten days.

[Source: Suzuki]

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