Technology has brought about a great deal of advancements in new vehicles over the last few years. There are some electric nanny aids that many of us do without, but there are others, like rear backup cameras and warning systems, that proponents suggest could save lives. How many? If the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's new findings are any indication, quite a few. In 2007 alone, 221 people were killed when vehicles backed up over them, and 99 of those were children under the age of 14. A total of 14,000 (including 2,000 children) were injured in the same manner.

This new data has been made available by NHTSA in accordance with legislation that was passed last year that will mandate a reduction in vehicle blind spots via additional mirrors, cameras or sensors, as well as brake interlock systems that won't allow cars to shift out of park without the application of the brakes. For a summary of vehicle safety data, click here for the NHTSA's most recent set of reports.

[Source: AP via Google]

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