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Bentley hopes that eco-friendliness can go hand-in-hand with extreme horsepower in its new green supercar, which is so far known only as the Extreme Bentley. Engines that are properly tuned to run on ethanol can make plenty of power and, as the most powerful Bentley ever produced, the Extreme Bentley will definitely be, um, extremely fast. One question is whether or not it will be extremely green. The answer really depends on lots of factors, such as where the ethanol that it's quickly burning via its twelve twin-turbocharged cylinders comes from and how often the flex-fuel capability is even used, since the new supercar will be nearly as adept while running on gasoline.

Bentley has just released a quick teaser video that's meant to generate some extra interest in the new machine, which is the British firm's first biofuel-powered vehicle ever, and we've pasted it after the break for your viewing pleasure. The car is scheduled to be officially debuted this March at the Geneva Motor Show.




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