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We've already learned a lot about the sweet electric car parade that cruised through Santa Monica two weekends ago, but if all those pictures were not enough for you, we've got a solid 38-minute video for you to check out. The video includes scenes from inside the parade cars, shots of EVs cruising down the streets and lots of plug-in advocates talking about where plug-in cars are today. Thanks to Viddler's tag ability, you can easily skip to the speaker of your choice. Names you might know include Chris Paine, the director of "Who Killed the Electric Car?"; Ed Kjaer, the director of electric transportation for SoCal Edison; and California State Senator Fran Pavley. There are others, and this would be a fine way to spend your lunch hour if you haven't already spent that today (hint, hint). You can watch what went down after the jump.

[Source: Stefano Paris]

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