Click above for a gallery of the hypermiling Toyota iQ

Toyota already has a fuel efficient vehicle on its hands in the new iQ city car, but the brand's UK arm set out to prove that the diminutive machine can do much better than its official European rating of about 65 miles per gallon on the combined cycle. The entire hypermiling stunt is being blogged by two drivers that are uploading tons of photos of their progress to both Flickr and Toyota's UK site, which you can visit here. To achieve the maximum number of miles per tank of gas, the duo has been using various hypermiling techniques while working hard not to be menaces on the roadways by holding up traffic. Sounds like a fine line to walk. To surpass the official mileage rating, the boys needed to make it more than 462 miles on a single tank of fuel. Did they do it? We're not going to spoil it for you. Click here to find out.

[Source: Toyota - Photos: CC 2.0]

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