Last September, we mentioned an event that is scheduled to take place in Copenhagen, Denmark this August called the CO2 E - Race. At the time, we weren't too sure what the race would involve, but many questions have since been answered. For instance, the course has been designed to look like the letters CO, and the O will be circled twice - clever - when viewed from space (or Google Maps, if that's easier for you). We also know that only vehicles with zero carbon emissions are allowed to participate, and at least one such machine has been entered that's based on a production Jaguar XF sedan.

Danish physicist and CEO of Cleantech Motors Jesper Boie Rasmussen is leading the Project Green Light team, which has created an eco-friendly vehicle from the formerly diesel-powered Jag using lithium ion batteries for energy storage and an electric motor for propulsion. To commemorate the upcoming race, the Jaguar will make a preliminary run through Copenhagen on the same CO path that the race will use, after which the GPS coordinates of the event will be used to create a serigraph print that will be sold at auction. Thanks for the tip, Jacob!

[Source: Project Green Light]

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