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Here's an interesting auction on eBay: a 1993 smart Roadster in California. Why single out this particular machine? First, there were no smart Roadsters in 1993, as the model officially went on sale in ten years later in 2003. In fact, smart didn't even exist yet, having been founded as a company in 1994 and selling its first production automobile in 1998. Second, smart cars were not officially imported to America until 2008. Regardless, here we are with one yellow and black smart Roadster at in the United States that you are free to bid on.

Apparently, the car was brought into the U.S. by some enterprising individual who managed to get it through customs, though it's being sold with a bill of sale only – no title, so good luck ever getting it registered for public roads. Pity, since it's an attractive machine that's sure to extract plenty of mileage from each gallon of fuel via its 81-horsepower, 700cc, three-cylinder powerplant. Production ended in 2005, by which time over 43,000 were made, though none of those were ever sold in the States.

[Source: eBay via Automobile Magazine]

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