Last weekend, Corvette owners were let in on a limited edition Vette in the pipeline: the Corvette GT-1 Edition. Created to celebrate Corvette's last hurrah in the current GT1 class this year, the car is actually more like a rolling trophy than your typical paint-and-decals collector's edition car.

The GT-1 package will come in yellow with black stripes, or black with yellow stripes, and be available on the coupe, convertible, and Z06. The yellow windshield banner from the C6.R will be in place, and the car will also feature "Jake," the racing team's mascot (the yellow skull with the Corvette pennants). The C6.R driver's names will be placed on the roof of the car, and the championships they've won will be written on the lower door.

Elsewhere, you get a body-colored spoiler out back, Q9V forged chrome wheels (the 5-spoke style that came out on the 2008 Corvette), black headlamps insets on the yellow car, body-colored door handles, and a carbon-fiber-patterned engine cover. To raise the sound and the fury a notch, the coupe and convertible come with the Z51 Performance Package and NPP Performance Exhaust. Rather less subtle than Chevrolet's previous Le Mans Victory Edition back in 2007, no?

Inside, there will be a black interior with contrasting yellow stitching and some engraved plaques. You'll also get a Certificate of Authenticity – because, you know, people might think you just went out and did all that on your own. No word on how many will be built, but if these reports are correct, the car is due to arrive in Spring, with a pricing announcement scheduled for next month.

[Source: Corvette Blogger]

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