BMW may be developing a new range-topping sports car that also shows off the fuel-saving technology that might be the backbone of future cars from the Bavarians. Like the original Z1 of 1989, the Z10 is being developed by BMW's Technik R&D division. The car got pushed to the front of the line when a V10-powered supercar project was canceled.
Weight reduction and engine downsizing are both expected to play a major part in achieving great efficiency in the Z10. Aluminum and carbon fiber are expected to be used in new ways to keep the weight to just over 3,000 lbs. In typical BMW fashion, power may come from a new inline six cylinder using direct injection and high pressure turbocharging. The engine may also use electronic valve control for variable compression ratios. Mileage should get a further boost by adding automatic start stop to its new seven speed dual clutch transmission. Finally, an updated version of the brake energy regeneration system that BMW uses on many of its current European models will get a lithium ion battery to make it sort of a pseudo-mild-hybrid.

[Source: AutoCar]

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