Ahhh, what $400 and a few hundred hours of work can get you. The ever-popular Aerocivic has graced our pages a few times in the past, but now modder Mike Turner is sharing his experiences with the world, first-person style. Turner has set up a website describing, in detail, the changes that he's made to his 1992 Honda Civic CX to get it up to around 95 mpg. That's the kind of thing we knew about already. When Turner is writing about his own car and experiences, we learn new details. For example, Turnser says that bugs and snow float over the car undisturbed, leaves barely rustle when he drives over them, and "the low sloped front of the car scoops [deer] up and over the top of the car with minimal damage to both deer and car." I wonder if the Google Maps people will be calling him soon. In any case, the Aerocivic site is truly an enthusiasts' source for people who want to know what it's like to live in the aerodynamic future. Well worth checking out.

[Source: Aerocivic via Treehugger]

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