After being introduced to the public a mere 16 weeks ago, the folks behind the Tazzari Zero are starting to get more serious about their racy two-seater and have given it a proper website. As well as being able to watch a trailer and play with the "car configurator," you can also find news and read a bit of the history behind the company and car. The configurator's a little lackluster but gives you a general idea how the Zero might look in a few different colors. The site also has a newsletter sign up for interested dealers.

Speaking of dealers, it seems TYC Track has picked up the British Distribution of the Italian eco-sportster. No word on when it will actually be available, but it is supposed to begin production this year in Imola, Italy. Hit the jump for video of the pre-production Zero being driven about.

Update: TYC Track is NOT the distributor in the UK

[Source: Tazzari Group]

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