Click image to watch videos of this V8 London Cab after the jump

The London Taxi is an iconic vehicle that, aside from a double-decker bus, is probably the quintessential British commercial transport. The particular London Cab in these YouTube videos is anything but. Computer specialist Steve Birchall spent nearly £60,000 (around $85k USD) ripping out the car's original diesel powerplant and shoehorning in a whomping big V8. There's very little going on outside to give away the car's secret, unless you look toward the rear. Back there, the fully tubbed monster meats kind of give away the game.

Popping the hood, you'll spot a 502cid American V8 that puts out around 500 brake horsepower. That's about quintuple the original motor's horsepower, and it evidently produces 0-60 runs around 4 seconds. While that might sound impressive, you'll have to see the video we've posted after the jump to see what really sets this cab apart. This one can dance. Watch the videos after the jump to see for yourself. Thanks for the tip, Ovidiu.

[Source: YouTube via ZerCustoms]

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