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Some of you were surprised that when the producers of Top Gear started shooting a version of the popular British car series for NBC, they chose Adam Corolla as lead host instead of a myriad number of other qualified automotive journalists from among the Autoblog staff. But that's just because those few hadn't seen The Man Show.

For four years Corolla hosted The Man Show on Comedy Central together with Jimmy Kimmel, now the host of his own network late-night talk show on ABC. To give you an idea of what kind of antics Corolla might be up to on the American version of Top Gear, turn up the volume and check out the video after the jump where Corolla spends the day as a candid-camera gas station attendant. After NBC canceled its deal to distribute Top Gear USA, this might be the most Corolla car antics we get for a while until another a cable network picks it up.

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