We've had numerous opportunities over the last two years to drive various SUVs and pickup trucks equipped with the two-mode hybrid system spawned from GM, Chrysler, Daimler and BMW. Among the claimed advantages of the two-mode hybrid system is the ability to dramatically improve fuel efficiency while still maintaining the functionality one expects of these trucks, including towing. We've even had the opportunity to sample the towing capability of the now departed Dodge Durango hybrid. In doing so however, our impressions have been strictly subjective with no opportunity to evaluate fuel efficiency during an extended towing test.

Over at Popular Mechanics, Larry Webster had precisely that chance recently when he purchased an old Camaro a couple of hundred miles from his Ann Arbor home. Just as we found with the two-mode Durango, the Yukon behaved pretty much the same with a load hitched up as it does without. Also, just as a non-hybrid consumes more fuel with a weightier load, so does a hybrid. Larry got 14.14 mpg with the Yukon hybrid pulling the car. While not great in and of itself, that's 20 percent better than a conventional SUV gets under similar conditions. So the Yukon hybrid can tow and be more efficient.

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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