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Calming guitar music. What could be a better soundtrack for a tiny electric vehicle cruising the streets of Portugal? Apparently nothing, since that's what the promoters of the uCar Electric Vehicle have used in a new video posted to YouTube. This diminutive EV uses four lead acid batteries (48V, 105Ah) and two 2.2kW low voltage induction motors to reach a top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph). The uCar was designed at the FEUP (a university in Portugal) and has a 40-km (25-mile) range. The uCar is an evolved version of the three-wheeled VEP electric vehicle that had only one motor. Both are just student prototypes, but the school is open to hearing from industrial partners. Check out the video after the jump. Thanks to Ricardo C. for the tip!

[Source: YouTube]

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