The current generation Prius has been a big hit in the US and Japan, and the tried and true second-gen. model could live on in Japan after the new hybrid goes on sale this spring. According to reports out of Japan, Toyota will sell a de-contented version of the old Prius to better compete with the new Honda Insight on price. The current Prius is rumored to be getting a cheapening on the inside, giving Toyota the ability to price it at ¥2 million mark, or about $22,000 US.

Toyota isn't responding to questions surrounding the rumors, as it says it doesn't comment on future product. We're not sure why questions about the current Prius could be considered "future product," but that's Toyota's story and their sticking to it. Inside Line points out that having two different models called the Prius could be a bit confusing, and we tend to agree. Our web-writing friends are all for a "Prius Classic" designation, while we're rooting for "Prius Lite."

[Source: Inside Line]

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