Photo by dcJohn. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Whether you think it's a disaster or delight, President Obama has made it official. Reports that he would ask the EPA to move quickly on reconsidering the Bush Administration's December 2007 decision to deny California a rules waiver (for background, read this) were true. Obama issued just such an order this morning. On top of the potentially game-changing emissions tailpipe regulations this could result in, the President also told the Department of Transportation to write and finalize rules requiring a 40 percent increase in car and light truck mpg ratings by 2020. This is something that President Bush failed to do, even though he did make a big deal about signing a 35 mpg CAFE law and draft rules were released last spring. It looks like Obama may issue a temporary order so that vehicles sold in the 2011 model year will be the first affected by the new regs. Obama's take on the new rules: this will "insure that the fuel-efficient cars of tomorrow are built right here in America."

Joy, lawsuits and complaints to come, I'm sure.

[Source: New York Times]

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