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In many ways, the future of the Voltec drivetrain is the future of GM. A big success with this plug-in architecture will go a long way to giving the company enough money to pay the American citizens back for that loan we gave them. The big question is how many vehicles will end up with the big battery pack and the plug? With a production Cadillac Converj not a guarantee, the recent confirmation that the Chevy Orlando will be coming to the U.S. as a 2011 model (after those plans were scrapped in September) got us wondering if the Orlando will go plug. According to Motor Authority, GM vice president of global program management, Jon Lauckner, said that since, "the Chevrolet Orlando is built on the same basic vehicle architecture and component set as the Chevrolet Volt" ... adding the Voltec powertrain is "certainly something we can take a look at." Would be nice to see, no?

[Source: Motor Authority]

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