2008 marked the first time in history that lots of people started thinking seriously about converting cars to electric drive. But it certainly wasn't the first time such conversions were offered. In the wake of the first Middle East oil embargo in the mid-seventies, there were plenty of conversions advertised, including one for the Pinto in this 1976 ad from Special Interest Autos magazine. One of the issues with electric cars has always been cost and this 30-year-old Pinto conversion is no exception. The cost of a Pinto new at that time was probably less than $3,000 and $10,000 was a lot for any car. It's not clear how many of these electric Pintos were ever built, but at least it wouldn't have an exploding gas tank. Of course, there's no guarantee that a Pinto loaded with lead-acid batteries is any safer.

[Source: Hemmings Auto Blogs]

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