Green means go. It's one of the first universal truths taught in school and it will be proven once again at the upcoming Santa Pod's Alternative Energy Race Day. According to Managing Director, David Lloyd Jones, "As a venue, we derive a great deal from Motorsport, so it's important that we do something that helps to plot the future of the sport. Somewhere in this eclectic line-up will be the genuine long-term future of Drag Racing and the direction that we all need to look toward. Trucks, cars, bikes, trikes are all welcome. Zero emissions does not mean zero fun or competitive edge."

Manufacturers like Vectrix and Lotus will be in attendance on Friday, April 24th, racing their two- and four-wheeled vehicles down the good ol' quarter-mile drag strip; anything that's not powered by fossil fuels is welcome and encouraged to attend. Entrance is free and the fastest vehicle wins. Sounds like a great time!

[Source: AE Racing via London Bikers]

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