Automobiles have become safer over the years, yet every time you get in a car, you're rolling the Reaper's dice. On average, 110 people die on the road each and every day. While many accident fatalities can be attributed to drinking and driving, not wearing a safety belt or reckless driving, some of the danger is compounded by the time of day people are on the road.

Forbes has compiled a litany of data showing which times are the the least safe to get behind the wheel, and the numbers are startling. For example, the most dangerous time of the day to drive is the afternoon rush hour. Between the hours of 5 and 7 p.m., there are an average of 6.6 deaths per hour in the US. While the afternoon wins on volume, the most dangerous time per driver on the road is between midnight and 4 a.m. According to the publication's findings, 5.87 people per 100 million on the road at this time never make it home. 36% of night time fatal accidents involve drunken driving, as opposed to 9% during daylight hours. Of the people killed on the road after midnight, 71% were found to not be wearing a safety belt, verses 55% during the day.

The study also took into account the top days to die in an auto accident. Despite a diminished rush hour, Saturday is the deadliest day of the week, with 158 fatalities per day. The most deadly month? August. Worst day of the year to be on the road? The Fourth of July, by far. And if you are making travel plans for the Thanksgiving weekend, take a plane. It's the most dangerous holiday weekend to be on the road. Hit the read link below to view the Forbes story in its entirety. It won't make you want to swear off driving, but it may make you think twice about when you drive.

[Source: Forbes]

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